Velella's Drift

An account of Velella's voyage from Seattle to New York via Panama, 2009-2011

Wine on the hook

In order to save some money on moorage (since it looks from the weather forcasts that we’ll be here for a number of days), we decided to move out to the anchorage and swing around for free. And make use of the new solar array Prescott so proudly installed. After rowing ashore for hot showers and hot pizza from “the best wood-fired pizza place in the world,” according to the game warden, we are now back and enjoying the first of many fantastic bottles of fine wine the Cedar House girls gave us as parting gifts. Tonight’s pick–and we took our time over the deliberation since all of them look so delicious–is a blue-and-white labeled bottle that reads “Domaine des Lauribert. Vin de Pays de Vaucluse. Mis en bouteille au Domaine.” Any Harveys out there able to translate? There’s not a word of English on this bottle and it tastes like it. We are all going to bed early and wine-warm tonight, perhaps after a cozy game of Tigris and Euphrates. I’m worried about the rest of our trip because I don’t see how it could get better than this.

Sleeping in Neah Bay

Sleeping in Neah Bay



  Kevin Hunter wrote @

Lauribert is a 5 generation family domain in the enclave of Vaucluse in Southern France. By the town of Valreas. The name Lauribert comes from the active members surnames of LAUrent, marIE and roBERT. Basically the bottle reads as,

Domaine des Lauribert – The Lauribert Domain.
Vin de Pays de Vaucluse – Wine from the country of Vaucluse.
Mis en bouteille au Domaine – Bottled at the Domain

Amazing blog Prescott, it certainly makes me want to get up off my office chair and actually experience something as amazing as what you are doing. It’s going straight on to my home page reader so keep up the writing while traveling.

  CaptCleary wrote @

Thanks for the translation, Kevin. I thought you hated the French? We’re waiting out some nasty weather until Monday, so we probably won’t make it to Newport until sometime next week. Have fun at the annual Labor Day bbq, guess we’ll see you at J&S wedding?

  brook wrote @

we are quite close to the vacluse region and know exactly how that wine tastes: we will pass on your regards to the proprietor: it is time for fromage and crepe jambon: auvoir:

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