Velella's Drift

An account of Velella's voyage from Seattle to New York via Panama, 2009-2011

Velella in print!

Latitude 38, the West coast’s leading sailing rag based in San Francisco, published our “Nude in the Middle of the City” article in its current November issue. (Look for hard copies anywhere boaters hang out!)



  webecomeus wrote @

I like the photo caption. It seems to say “this guy, who is 27 and obviously old, bold and worldly, as well as willing to appear topless in our magazine, readily hops into showers in any type of environment.” I know there are no old, bold sailors, but that’s what it says to me.

well written, megs. you paint a lovely word picture for us land-lubbers.

  CaptCleary wrote @

TOTALLY. Editors, what do they know?

  Kate wrote @

Awesome article! I’ve been following along via feed and I’m so tickled for you.

  CaptCleary wrote @

Kate Hall! Yay how are you!! Invite’s still open for you ladies to come kick it in California!

  janice reid wrote @

What a delight you two are! Love the pictures, especially Prescott’s insouciant expression, really totally out of character. His presence actually radiates as an enthusiastic adventurer.
Meghan, your writing is so smooth, it caresses the eyes and ears. Love it. Hope they paid you for that gem.

  janice reid wrote @

My bad, Prescott. You are insouciant; I confused it with supercilious, which you are definitely NOT.
Love you,

  Prescott wrote @

Really? I practice my supercilious face in the mirror while brushing my teeth.

  janice reid wrote @

I love all your faces that start with the letter ‘s’

  Josh wrote @

Congratulations Megan! super cool.

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