Velella's Drift

An account of Velella's voyage from Seattle to New York via Panama, 2009-2011

Scrap Workers

We’re “settled” as much as we can be in LA. I am now working at West Marine part time and also writing part time for the American Sailing Association. My life could not get more nautical. Prescott is thankfully making more than I am freelancing as an After Effects artist, film and commercial production assistant, and purveyor of lucrative potential book ideas… We’re putting it together week by week and logging every gumball purchased. And I think we’re going to make it.

I’ve been outwardly positive about it, but for awhile there I wasn’t sure if we were going to get everything together in time. But now that our finances have been spanked into manageable order, I have started working on, what else–boat projects. And as today was my first day off in 9 days, I made this little piece of teak-craftery:

You may not realize how exciting this knife block is for me. We had a normal countertop knife block — a ridiculous item when you have only 2.5 feet of counter, moving counter no less. When we were at sea, we had to stow the knife block in one of our tiny galley cupboards, awkwardly stuffing it into the precious space and opening the sliding doors carefully each time lest three or more knives fly out across the room. NOW, this sleek teak block will hank hip-level on the vertical side of the counter–totally accessible and not in the way of anything else. Brilliant, if I do say so myself. I also special ordered our long-missing stove thermocoupler, the absence of which has deprived us of a functional oven for over a year now. Oh the cooking and baking that will go on in my one-foot-square galley… my mouth is watering.

Next up: an anchor locker divider and an organized cockpit lazarette. I know, these pictures aren’t nearly as interesting as the offshore ones. However, Prescott and I both have been working hard to get our more colorful offshore stories in print, and almost every month between March and November Velella will be featured in one of the major sailing magazines. Here’s a rundown of the titles sold so far so you can keep an eye out if you want:

March: “Sailors Who’ve Heard It All” by Meghan in Living Aboard Magazine

April: “Before the Iron Genny” feature in Blue Water Sailing Magazine and “The Salt of Life” in the Northwest’s 48 North Magazine by Meghan

May: “The Sailing Life O’Reilly” in Living Aboard Magazine and “I Guess We Are, Technically” in Seafaring Magazine by Prescott

June: “Beyond the Port of Call” feature by Meghan in Blue Water Sailing

August: “Port Alberni Yacht Club” by Meghan in Blue Water Sailing

September: “Sipping and Sailing” by Meghan in Blue Water Sailing

October: “Winter in the Channel Islands” feature by Prescott in Blue Water Sailing

…and many more in the works. We’ll post pdfs of the prints as they hit newsstands!

And because my life is thoroughly and completely nautical, now I’m signing off to continue devouring my bedtime book, “Dove,” a classic for all of us who wish we were sailing.



  Brook wrote @

your talents never cease to amaze me. In your “spare time” (hah!) you could make the knife blocks for local marine “craft” fairs or advertise in the sailing magazines and set up a small business….or not. Can’t wait for the pdf’s of those articles.
BTW, Lyle is beginning to go green for spring and I thought of you on my walk today.

  janice wrote @

Great work you 2 talented creatures. I loved Dove, Meghan. Made me wish I was sailing. Hoping to stop by the marina next time i am in the southland.
love, aj

  CaptCleary wrote @

Yes please–next time you’re down south we’d love to have you over! Perhaps when Brook and Marc are in town? See you soon~

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