Velella's Drift

An account of Velella's voyage from Seattle to New York via Panama, 2009-2011

Sea Monster

(A kitten collection, at the request of ASA fans!)

I blame Robin Graham for this. And Tania Abei too. Their descriptions of kitten-companions aboard their circumnavigating sailboats tore at my heart until I became obsessed with the idea of having a boat kitten too.

“But it doesn’t seem like the right environment for a cat.”

“How are you going to make sure she doesn’t fall in?”

“You know, cats HATE water.”

Given the severe overpopulation of homeless cats and kittens in the Los Angeles area, I was shocked that I couldn’t just go to a shelter and rescue one. Everyone seemed to disapprove. Each location made us fill out a huge interview describing the living arrangements, etc (as though whatever home it might go to could possibly be worse than a flea-ridden shelter cage). More often than not, people determined that a boat was an unfit home for a cat. (I mean, they hate water.) I felt ridiculous and exasperated explaining that the cat would not be living IN water. Our floating home is cozy and full of nooks and crannies and fresh fish! We were denied again and again. It was astonishing how people who knew so very little about boats and what it meant to live on one were so quick to condemn the unknown.

Ultimately, a non-profit called Kitten Rescue decided that we were fit parents for a little calico that I’d fallen in love with. The director visited the boat personally and decided to give us the kitten for free (with all shots and spaying paid for!) because she thought our boat was a wonderful home for her. So we named the little calico Nessie, after the  sea monster.

Now Nessie has been sailing with us for a year, and has thousands of sea miles under her whiskers. She has a fabulously glamorous life. She enjoys sashimi frequently, loves sleeping under the sunny warm dodger, tears around the boat chasing flies away for exercise, and meditatively watches the sunrise every morning. She even plays chess and has been known to help hoist sails.

So to all those of you who would eschew having a cat onboard, don’t be so quick to judge! If a kitten starts sailing young, she’ll be an old salt in no time. Who knows, she might even start swimming.



  Jason wrote @

Please don’t let Christy see this. We will have a kitten before she hits the last photo. I almost ran out and adopted one after the first three photos.

Hope all’s well, loving the Sea of Cortez photos. Recognizing lots of places. In case you occasionally forget what an awesome place you are in: in Seattle yesterday it SNOWED.


s/v hello world

  Meg wrote @

Oh NOOOO. We’re preparing to Yachpath home on the 15th, and that news is like a cold shower… We must get drinks at the Sloop together.

  ogm wrote @

And what are you going to title the book in which Nessie is the main character??? Let’s see how good your memory is.

  Meg wrote @


  Brook wrote @

I must have the last photo!!! And yes, it snowed in Lyle last night. Beware.

  CaptCleary wrote @

Snow! Perhaps we’ll have a WHITE WEDDINGGGGUUUHH.

  Jacqueline wrote @

I love seeing the adventure through the kitten’s eyes! Great photos!!!

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