Velella's Drift

An account of Velella's voyage from Seattle to New York via Panama, 2009-2011

LA to Cabo



  jason wrote @

Bien venido a Mexico!

  Brook wrote @

I love these pictures! Man, it is hard not being able to talk to you. All of a sudden there are thousands of things to talk about.

  Peter C. wrote @

But the pictures convey 1,000 words. Thanks for posting them so promptly.

  Josh wrote @

My favorite is the cruise ship. It looks so alien and out of place, which is how it should look. The pic reminds me of when we were doing our survival adventure and a boat load of drunken fishermen came down the river. There brazen demeanor felt out of sync in a wild place. I think this is what you captured in that picture. And the cat is cute too.:)

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